Lorenzo Masia

Invited Talks

INVITED TALKS (national and international)

• "Robotic Rehabilitation and Haptic Technology",
Department of Cognitive Sciences
SISSA International School of Advanced Study, September 25th 2005, Trieste, Italy.

• "Design and preliminary characterization of device for hand rehabilitation: MIT-hand-robot",
Department of Informatic, Systemistics and Telematics
University of Genoa, February 7th 2006, Genoa, Italy.

•"Robotics, Psychophysics and Neuroscience for comprehension of human Brain"
SMAU Information & Communications Technology, October 20th Milan, Italy.

• "Newman Laboratory for Biomechanics and Human Rehabilitation: projects and visions"
ECM (Continous Education in Medicine) Italian Ministry of Health, December 2007.

•"Rehabilitation Robotics and haptic device for human robot interaction"
Italian Ministry of Health (Invited Professor), Rome, Italy, April 11th 2008.

•" Using a wrist robot for studying dynamic visuomotor rotation" Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Mechanical Engineering Department, Cambridge, MA, USA, October 14th 2008

•" Robotics as a critical investigation tool for Arm Motor Control"
Italy-Japan Symposium, Politechnique of Milan, Milan, Italy 2009.

• "Modeling the dynamics of recovery in robot-assisted rehabilitation "
FP6 Integrated Project Health-e-Child - Conference in Rome, Italy, September 23 -24, 2009.

• "Robot-Aided Therapy @ Italian Institute of Technology: Motor Learning and rehabilitation Lab" American National Science Foundation: Technology to transform mobility for people with a disability European Study Tour, 26– 30 April 2010, Pisa, Italy.

•"Robot generated unstable environment to study short term adaptation in pediatric cerebral palsy" and "Mastering unstable objects by means of kinematic redundancy" ETH Institute for Robotic and Intelligent systems, Sensory Motor Lab, May 12th 2010.

• "Robot as tool for investigation on neuro-rehabilitation and motor control study" International Workshop on Rehabilitation Robotics 2011,Ritsumeikan University, "Biwako-Kusatsu Campus", Kyoto Japan, January 2011.

• "Robotic Neurorehabilitation: Proofs of Concept in Clinical Practice". European Workshop on Robotics for Rehabilitation, 2nd December 2011, Messina, Italy.

•"Mechatronic for wrist functional restoration and fast endpoint stiffness estimation" Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 12th December 2011.

• "Rehabilitation of wrist in chronic stroke patient by a modular wrist robot"
ECM (Continous Education in Medicine) Italian Ministry of Health, Pediatric hospital G. Gaslini ; Genoa, Italy, 20th April 2012.

•"Mechatronic systems for wrist motor restoration and fast estimation of end-point stiffness"
RITZ - Rehabilitation Initiative and Technology Platform Zurich, organized by ETH, Zurich, 20th March 2012.

• "Fast estimation of end point stiffness by a modular mechatronic device"
(FACULTY CANDIDATE) School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 19th January 2012.

• "Human Machine Interaction in Ergonomics and Rehabilitation"
(FACULTY CANDIDATE) School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 25th September 2012.

• "Human Machine Interaction in Ergonomics and Rehabilitation"
(FACULTY CANDIDATE) School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, SON, Canada, , 14th January 2013.

• "Robot Aided Rehabilitation as instrument to boost motor recovery and support clinicians "
(SCIENTIST CANDIDATE) Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Toronto, SON, Canada, , 17th January 2013

• "Human Machine Interaction in Ergonomics and Robotic Rehabilitation"
(FACULTY CANDIDATE) School of Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA, 30th January 2013.

• "Muscular Stiffness estimation by a novel Mechatronic Device"
PIPER Health Solutions, Workshop on Rehabilitation Robotics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AR, USA, 22th February 2013.

• "Compliant Actuation System"
Workshop on "Design And Control Of Robotic Exoskeletons With Compliance Joints And Actuation Systems". IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR), June 24-26, Seattle, Washington USA.

• “Design and characterization of a mechatronic device for hand stiffness estimation” International convention on rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology (I-CREATE), Seoul 29-31 August 2013.

• “CARAPACE: a novel Composite Advanced Robotic Actuator Powering Assistive Compliant Exoskeleton” Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST), invited speaker of KIST Bionics Symposium 2013, Seoul Nov. 15, 2013.

• “Using mutlistability of composite materials as novel actuation concept for exoskeleton ” Workshop on Wearable haptics: from neurophysiology foundations to new wearable haptic designs and exoskeletons. IEEE Haptics Symposium, February 23-26, 2014 Houston, Texas.

• “Novel Trends in Rehabilitation of Proprioception and Actuation for Assistive Technology” PIPER Health Solutions, Workshop on Rehabilitation Robotics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AR, USA, 28th February 31st March 2014.

• “Novel Trends In Rehabilitation Of Proprioception And Actuation For Assistive Technology” Singapore Rehabilitation Conference 2014 - "Interprofessional Collaboration - New Synergies In Rehabilitation Care" Symposium, 27 – 29 March 2014, Singapore General Hospital.

• “Robot Aided Wrist Rehabilitation to enhance sensory-motor recovery process” 7th World Congress of Biomechanics; July 6-11, 2014, Boston, USA.

• "Upper Limb Robot-Aided Rehabilitation and Novel Trends in Assistive Technology" International Biomedical Engineering Conference IBEC2014, 20-22 November 2014, Gwangju, South Korea.

• “Robotic rehabilitation: from clinical applications to development and design of a new generation of assistive technology" Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, 29th May 2015, Chicago, USA.

• "Design & Control of an Exosuit driven by Multistable Compliant Actuation", invited at the workshop on Upper Extremeties Exoskeleton. ICRA2015, Seattle, 26th - 30th May 2015.  

• "Robot-Aided Assistance of Modulation in stroke recovery and Proprioception Assessment" workshop on Motor Learning and Neurorehabilitation: Training with or without Errors? ICORR2015, 11th-14th August 2015, Singapore.

• " Upper Limb Soft Wearable Exoskeletons: State of the Art, Solutions and Challenges" invited speaker for the workshop in Human-Robot Interfaces for Enhanced Physical Interactions IEEE ICRA 2016, May 16-21, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

• " Wearable Assistive Devices for Upper Limb: Implementation and Control" invited speaker for Workshop in Soft Wearable Robotics 6th IEEE RAS & EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics 25-29 June 2016, Singapore.  

• " Design and Preliminary Testing of a Soft Exosuit for Assisting Elbow Movements and Hand Grasping" invited speaker for the workshop on Soft Wearable Robots at the 2016 Symposium on Wearable Robotics and the 2016 International Conference on Neurorehabilitation ICNR 2016, Segovia (Spain). October 18, 2016.

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